10 of the most romantic destinations in Kenya

10 of the most romantic destinations in Kenya

“I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world. Twice, to see the way you see the world.” words unspoken

In a week’s time, most towns in the world will be adorned with red. Romantic destinations will be packed and endowed with the  colour of romance, red.  Men and women alike will have boxes of chocolate, bottles of crisp wine delivered to their better halves accompanied with love cards full of romantic sweet nothings. Some men will be seen carrying roses to the amusement of their fellow men who do not care for lover’s day. If you are reading this and you are that type of man, just let people enjoy things while making others happy. Okay?

Others will avoid being cliché and get creative with their gifts based on the personality of their lovers. Some will go the extra mile and ask for their better half’s hand in marriage. Elsewhere babies will be conceived. Single independent men and women will be having a blast enjoying their single hood and maybe meet up in a single clubs party? Who knows! Everyone, mostly everyone, lovers and retailers, especially retailers will go home happy.

If you do not fall under this category then you are like an Arsenal fan. Haha! Never lose hope. Maybe next year you will get to play in the “champs league.” For now, you can scroll down your social media pages looking at pictures of couples in romantic destinations with the caption “me and mine” and try so hard to not roll your eyes while saying “Mtaachana tu “ or “hata siskii vibaya.”

Anyway, in the spirit of the month of love, I have decided to come up with a list of what I believe are 10 of the most romantic destinations in Kenya. You are not obliged to visit this month just because it’s February, but you and your partner can always make romantic trips to these destinations. Although, send something thoughtful to your better half even if they say they do not care for such. Just do it! Believe me! In no particular order, the romantic destinations are as follows:

  • Rusinga Island

If you are tired of the coast, head over to this island in Nyanza province. The lodges at Rusinga offer private cosy retreats overlooking Lake Victoria. Rusinga Island is atleast 8 hours from Nairobi via bus. There are flights too. 

 Insider tip: visit several neighboring islands via boat excursions.  There are several islands for instance Mfangano Island. Add a visit to Ruma national park if you have time. My friend Bonita of Bonita on safari was at Rusinga,find her experience here

Rusinga Island

Captured by Bonita at Rusinga Island Lodge

  • Takawiri Island

    Takawiri Island is another island surrounded by Lake Victoria. It’s actually easily accessible from Rusinga Island and it’s probably the best romantic place I have never been to judging from the images I have seen. This romantic destination is included separately. It’s such a serene destination, again, judging from the pictures I have seen.  Bonita describes Takawiri as the most beautiful Island on Lake Victoria complete with white sand, blue waters and palm trees. Find her experience here

Takawiri Island

Bonita at Takawiri Island

  • Diani

Diani is currently my favourite romantic destination in Kenya. Diani is a 10 hour drive from Nairobi by flight and 1 hour by flight.

Diani is home to Diani Beach, one of the best beaches in Kenya. For some reason, I usually feel like it’s less hot compared to other regions at the Kenyan coast.

Insider tip: visit Shimba hills reserve that overlooks the Indian Ocean.  The views there are picturesque. If you are feeling adventurous try sky diving at skydive Diani. Watch my Diani skydiving experience here.

  • Lamu

Lamu is part of the Lamu archipelago. It’s part of Lamu Archipelago. It’s an hour away from Nairobi by flight and now I believe you can catch flights from Mombasa to Lamu. Otherwise there are buses that operate from Nairobi to Lamu via Malindi.

The Lamu old Town is listed as a UNESCO heritage site partly because the town’s architecture is a combination of Arabic Indian and European style. You will especially love the beaches. Lamu beaches are less crowded boosting the romantic idea. Transport is mainly by boat or donkey. Here’s my Lamu experience.

Insider tip: visit the beautiful Majlis resort for lunch or drinks even if you’re not staying there. Majlis offers a lot of water sport activities. And don’t forget to take a day trip to Manda Island, the ultimate romantic destination in Lamu if you ask me.  Find other tips on Lamu here

Lamu, Kenya featuring on Romantic Destinations

Donkey riding in Lamu

  • Tamarind Dhow Cruise, Mombasa

In case you choose Mombasa as your romantic destination try the Tamarind dhow cruise. It sails every day except Sundays. The food is great and vegetarian friendly. Sailing along the Tudor creek with good your better half, great music and amazing food makes it a memorable romantic experience

  • Nanyuki

Nanyuki is ultimate romantic destinations to Mount Kenya. It’s at least three hours from Nairobi. It can actually be less than three.

There are several resorts, ranches, wildlife parks in Nanyuki that make it the perfect romantic destination.

Insider tip: Make a point to do a game drive at Ol pejeta conservancy. Read about my experience here.

Olpejeta Conservancy featuring on Romantic Destinations

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nanyuki

  • Lukenya Getaway

If you are pressed for time but still need a romantic destination within Nairobi then Lukenya getaway is the one of the romantic destinations to check out.

It is perfect destination from Nairobi’s crazy traffic. If you love nature, this is your best bet and it’s only 45 minutes from Nairobi.

 Insider tip: pre book fun activities like Gp Karting, high rope challenge or game drives.

  • Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha national park offers typical game drives although it’s not a national park. Naivasha itself has accommodations to fit all budgets. It’s an hour’s drive from Nairobi.

Insider tip: take boat rides and you might get to see hippos, walk with animals at crescent Island and explore hells Gate National Park. Afterwards, you can take a dip at Olkaria Spa.

Naivasha Kenya featuring on Romantic Destinations

Captured by Jayson  Lake Naivasha. Find travel inspiration on his page here

  • Watamu

Watamu is my second favourite  of all the romantic destinations in this list. Watamu is more than a pretty face with its picturesque scenery attracting visitors from all over the world. Hello Italians! Ha-ha. Seriously though, Watamu is absolutely romantic and gorgeous.

Insider tip: Visit Watamu marine national park, ruins of gedi, Mida creek and don’t miss out on scuba diving. Some believe that Watamu offers the best sites for scuba diving.

Watamu featuring on Romantic Destinations

Papa Remo, Watamu

 Wasini Island

Wasini Island is another romantic destination getaway at the Kenyan coast. You can choose to stay there or take a day trip.

 Insider tip: visit kisite mpunguti marine national park for scuba diving, snorkelling among other water sports activities.

During the completion of this post, I asked two travellers to use their photographs in order to cover this subject well.  I would like to thank Bonita find and Jayson for their support and I acknowledged this by making a link to their homepage at appropriate places.

Happy “Me and Mine” Day lovers to the lovers! The rest of you mnaeza zima simu zenu na muende nyumbani! ha-ha

In the same spirit of love, should I do a post on places to visit in Nairobi on a budget?



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