About me

My name is Winnie Rioba, the Kenyan Storytelling Traveler. I curate travel blogs and vlogs with the hope of encouraging you to travel. I'm stubborn, spontaneous and adventurous. We may not have a lot in common but I know for a fact we are both travel enthusiasts, otherwise why the hell would you be here?

See the backpack I'm carrying on the below image that is actually a caricature of me? That is what says most about the kind of traveler I mostly am, a backpacker a.k.a  I travel cheaply a.k.a I'm a stingy traveler!

I honestly need perfect packing skills

This is just in case you were wondering why a woman that weighs 50 kgs would be carrying a backpack that is almost her weight.

Shoot! I forgot to say I curse from time to time.

backpacking in Kilifi

As I was saying I love traveling on a budget. It's not like I have a choice. I am a budget traveler at heart because that is what I can afford for now and we were taught to work with what we have. no? My aim is to show you that you do not need millions to travel. That's just an excuse. If you want something so bad you will find a way to make it work. It's why I started travelling regularly from 2016. It's not as regular as my instagram posts may highlight. Instagram is a liar please and it needs a 'Why are you lying button!'

before I made the decision to focus on Africa travel I made a stop at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Traveling on a budget may seem effortless but that's what Instagram is for to make you feel like it's a dream.

Budget traveling is not easy, especially with our “weak” passports. African travelers face visa rejection constantly but if you have the morale. It's doable. It's why I started this website, to show anyone can travel with just the right amount of dedication, research, and sacrifice! My travel highlights include skydiving in Dianisolo traveling through 5 African countries in 2017swimming at the devil’s pool in Zambia and Microlight flying over Victoria Falls.

For now I choose to focus on traveling in Africa and it's my hope that you can be inspired to take a flight, a cheap flight mind you or a bus to some parts of Africa or where you want.

in my uber.. in Lamu

Have I bored you yet? Find time, even once a year, and see this big universe. Stop making excuses!

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