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Twende Kilifi

There are those people that do no not understand the concept of splitting bills. You will go out with them and when you start planning how to split the bill they will say ‘don’t worry about it, took care of it.’’ You know such people?  Kilifi reminds me of such people, so wealthy yet so calm, tranquil and laid back (Kilifi, not the people).  You will notice as you enter Kilifi, the lush baobab and palm trees on either side of the road. The environment commands an exquisite tropical scene.

Kilifi is an 8 hour drive from Nairobi and about 1.5 hours by flight. The first thing we encountered upon arrival was the police. They requested to see our national identity cards before we proceeded to cross the spectacular bridge. The bridge adorns the Kilifi Creek which then spreads out into the Indian Ocean. A few yachts can be seen nonchalantly floating about.


Kilifi is perfect for those who have nothing much to do except relax  by the beach, swim in the ocean ,enjoy the coastal delicacies and take sunset boat rides. Hikers have the option of visiting Takaungu village and Vuma cliffs for a mini hiking excursion.

Here’s a video that Naledi Visuals made of the Kilifi experience.


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