Travel consultation and planning services

Travel planning services come in two categories.
The first involves sharing your destination and expectations, then leaving the planning to the curator. All you have to do is show up for the trip after approving the itinerary within your budget. Getting a quote for this category is free.

The second one is where some travelers opt to handle their own reservations independently, bypassing the need for a travel agent. This is where our effortless travel consultation services step in to assist.

How does it work?

There’s a 60 minute initial consultation call. A consultation includes:

– A first consulation 1 hour call where we get to hear your expectations, preferences & budget. During the consultation, you will receive comprehensive information regarding service providers, essential contacts for making bookings, and detailed costs for your trip.
– You will then receive a comprehensive travel planning package immediately after the consultation call.

– A follow-up 60-minute consultation call to enhance and refine the initial travel planning package.

The package includes:

* Fully customized itinerary and daily plan so you can make the best of your time in the country.
* Flight sourcing within your budget.
* Hotels sourcing within your budget.
* Detailed cost breakdown and itinerary, within your budget.

– A follow-up 60-minute consultation call to enhance and refine the initial travel planning package.

The consultation call will cover all aspects of your journey, addressing any queries you may have.

After you receive the travel package,

You are welcome to ask follow-up questions within a period of up to 14 days following reception of the package. This timeframe is designed to assist you in your trip preparations and to address any additional questions that may arise when you are making bookings/reservations.

It’s important to note that consultations after 14 days from receiving the package will incur extra charges.

If you have any questions, please reach out via whatsapp +254714976181


5-15 days Travel consult & planning for 1: 150 usd.

5-10 days Travel consult & planning for 2-4 travellers : 200 usd total for the group.

5-10 days Travel consult & planning for 5-10: travellers: 350 usd total for the group