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I am an adventure travel blogger who has been exploring Africa regularly since 2016! This is where I share my crazy adventures; videos travel tips and general experiences as a Kenyan passport holder travelling in Africa and hopefully beyond. The travel blog focuses on helping you to:

• Learn how to travel with an 8-5 job
• How to maximize on your leave days
• Stop waiting for your friends and learn how to travel solo
• Know how to travel on a budget
• Exploit weekend trips for travel
• How to save money when travelling

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My name is Winnie Rioba,
 A Kenyan storytelling Traveler
Let’s talk via email on winnie@justrioba.com
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Tough times ahead:

Finance Bill proposes new tax measures to come with 2021/22 budget. Prices of essential goods such as bread, infant milk to increase by 16%.

Cost of loans set to rise with the proposed 20% increase in processing fees #CitizenWeekend

I had a colleague stabbed at 7 pm along Riara road in mid Feb,,,, that road is dangerous when it gets a little dark https://twitter.com/justrioba/status/1391350018783723523

I’ve heard too many cases like this recently, all over Nairobi... y’all be careful https://twitter.com/justrioba/status/1391350018783723523

There's been a number of car accidents recently and because guys steal from accident victims folks are in hospitals unidentified.

I've really been thinking about what one can do. Photocopy of your ID in the glove box?

How can you help people help you when you're unconscious?

I tend to stay off SM on this day well, cause it always felt so awkward. Considering my relationship with my mom isn't as cute.
But I am glad with the progress I've made and where we're at rn. So for the first time in years
#happymothersday2021 #MamaNasemaAsante #TwendeTukiuke

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