20 Dec

Solo Backpacking In Malawi

Honestly, Malawi is like a brilliant artist that most people are unacquainted with. This artist is not popular because he probably lacks marketing skills or he does not know the right people. Ladies and gentlemen, Malawi is this artist I speak of. Most travelers, me included want to visit the popular travel destinations and...
04 Dec

”No Hair”

I met Mark Wambugu aka Mark Majesty (Instagram)  of https://thispostisabout.wordpress.com in campus. Do not even bother with his Instagram, its full of memes. Well, unless you are a meme person. His blog though, now that deserves your full attention. His wit and sarcasm are what I adore the most in his writing. Mark is quiet,...
21 Oct

Twende Kilifi

There are those people that do no not understand the concept of splitting bills. You will go out with them and when you start planning how to split the bill they will say ‘don’t worry about it, took care of it.’’ You know such people?  Kilifi reminds me of such people, so wealthy yet...
18 Sep


Lately, I made a decision to eventually go pro as a photographer and to eventually take up photography for life! But as I thought about it all, I had to grapple with the thought that for a long time, I have been finding myself feeling rather envious of people who don’t have to take...
21 Aug

UAEven Know it

Even before we landed, the heat was already stroking my face. It is insanely hot. At the Dubai International airport, a guy was yelling in Arabic to passengers. ” Milly, one of my travel buddies, kept repeating what he was saying, like a typical light skin. The drive from the airport to our apartment...
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