20 Dec

Solo Backpacking In Malawi

Honestly, Malawi is like a brilliant artist that most people are unacquainted with. This artist is not popular because he probably lacks marketing skills or he does not know the right people. Ladies and gentlemen, Malawi is this artist I speak of. Most travelers, me included want to visit the popular travel destinations and...
21 Oct

Twende Kilifi

There are those people that do no not understand the concept of splitting bills. You will go out with them and when you start planning how to split the bill they will say ‘don’t worry about it, took care of it.’’ You know such people?  Kilifi reminds me of such people, so wealthy yet...
05 May

Shrinkage Hacks

Photography by Sam Mulwa (@mulwa_) Betting has gone viral. There are people that consider betting a side hustle. Someone will owe you cash then when you ask them what their plan on paying back is, they respond with sports pesa. No shame whatsoever. Sportspesa has become very enterprising that recently a betting magazine was...
06 Jan

“Leap of faith”

I woke up one fine morning and I decide I want to skydive. Spontaneous. Right? I have a list of items I would love to do so bad like sun basking at the Bora Bora beach, swimming with dolphins, live in abroad for a year specifically a country where people are perplexed by my...
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