#Africanfunfacts: 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa

5 things you did not know about Africa

Every Thursday  I conduct a poll quiz on my instagram stories asking my audience questions based on the Africa. As usual, this week’s performance highlighted some key things that most of us may not know about the African continent. Without further ado the following are the questions I asked this week.

1. Geographically, which is the largest country in Africa?

Someone messaged me saying” Why did Sudan have to make this question so difficult? then he added an eye rolling emoji. hehe

Now, you all know Sudan had been for the longest time the largest country until the split that happened in 2011 which resulted to what is now Sudan(north) and South Sudan. Most people picked  Democratic Republic of the congo as the answer however, the largest country in Africa is in fact Algeria.

2. Geographically. which is the smallest country in Africa?

The smallest country in Africa is an the Island Seychelles.

3. It’s said to be the longest river in the world.

Going by the poll results, this was an easy one seeing most people  got this right, the longest river in the world is River Nile although there are some disputes that is is the Amazon river.

4. It’s said to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Another easy one as most people chose Lake Victoria that’s shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. LAke Victoria also happens to be the largest tropical lake in the world.

5. He’s said to be the richest man in History.

The correct answer is Mansa Musa from Mali. Interestingly, Mali is a Swahili word which is sometimes used to refer to wealth.

A Mansa Musa film may be in the works.


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