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Awesome Accomodation in Mbita for Travelers on a Budget

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

I am convinced that Lake Victoria Safari Village in Mbita, Nyanza Province has the best sunsets ever.  Mbita is one of Kenya’s least visited region for some reason. In fact, I conducted a poll on my instagram  to find out how many Kenyans had been to Mbita and I was not shocked that at least 90% of Kenyans that took part in the pool have never been to Mbita.

I have been to Nyanza Province  several times  but never to Mbita. During my most recent trip, a fellow traveller, a Kenyan Nomad and I visited Mbita.  If you love traveling, make a point to visit Mbita because other than being a hidden gem, it's less touristy for now.  You will not believe how beautiful Lake Victoria looks from that part of Kenya. It’s like a different the Lake from the Lake that is full of hyacinth in Kisumu.

I had never heard of Lake Victoria Safari Village but upon seeing the pictures of the place online, I knew instantly I had to experience it on my own.

Reasons why you should visit Lake Victoria Safari Village- It
Lake Victoria Safari Village

Lake Victoria Safari Village is located right on the shores of Lake Victoria and it is not a luxury hotel hence suited to those that are on a budget. It is made in such a way that looks like an elegant village made up of captivating orthodox huts perfectly thatched with papyrus reeds.

Reasons why you should visit Lake Victoria Safari Village- It
Elegant Safari Village

Our room was comfortable with an amazing finish. It was double ensuite room but there are single and family rooms as well depending on someone's preference.

The best part is that, there are furnished safari tents for those wishing to stay in a tent as well as camping grounds should you want to camp and still get the experience of staying at Lake Victoria Safari Village.


Want to know how I get to travel? Have a look at my cheat sheet:


Things to do in Lake Victoria Safari Village

  • Relax by swimming in the cool balmy waters of lake Victoria
Reasons why you should visit Lake Victoria Safari Village- It
Chilling by the shores of Lake Victoria
  • Take a boat ride to explore the several islands that surround the Lake. Some of these Islands include Takawiri, mfangano and the twin bird Islands.
  • Explore Mbita, take your time to immerse into the daily life of people in Mbita. Most of them are from the Abasuba community. Ask questions, talk to people, and get to know their culture. After all, isn't that what travelling is all about?
  • For your meals, always order for the Nile Perch or Tilapia fresh from Lake Victoria
Reasons why you should visit Lake Victoria Safari Village- It
Fish fresh from Lake Victoria
  • Create time to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets ever
enjoy the sunset over the islands

Accessing Lake Victoria Safari Village from Nairobi

Unless you choose to drive yourself, there are two other ways of getting to Mbita. You can take the guardian bus. Currently, it's the only bus company that goes straight to Mbita. It's at least 8 hours to Mbita from Nairobi by bus. A ticket will cost you 8 USD one way. Find the buses at Railways, Nairobi.

The other way is to fly from Nairobi to Kisumu. Jambo Jet and Silverstone fly to Kisumu. Or you can fly to Homabay with fly 540. From either Kisumu or Homabay, you will then get a taxi straight to Lake Victoria Safari Village or use public transport to Mbita town, then get a taxi or motor bike to Lake Victoria Safari Village.

If you book early enough maybe a week or two weeks early, a flight to Kisumu will cost you not more than 50 USD one way.

 Means of Transport 

I did not see any matatus in Mbita so you can choose to use taxis or motorbikes when moving around

For more information on Lake Victoria Safari Village please drop an email at safarivillage@safarikenya.net

What do you think of this little paradise in Mbita?

Interested in staying at lake Victoria Safari Village? Contact the owner safarivillage@safarikenya.net

Below is a video of my stay at Lake Victoria Safari Village.

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