1. Thou shall be responsible for your all your expenses

Of course, money is first on the list because it's the heart of the system.  We know that person whose money is always  M-PESA bound or in the bank account, so they request their friends to sort their bills with the promise of paying back except they magically forget to pay back. Is your MPESA the bermuda triangle? I know It's usually petty cash, so people let it slide, but these folks keep crying M-PESA every time. They will be the same people that will "blackout" after a day trip to avoid paying. Listen, you need to have liquid cash when traveling. Period.

2. Thou shall plan in advance

Everyone needs to chip in with the planning. Can we have someone taking care of the flights and another taking care of accommodation? How will we get around? Will we rent a car? Are we sharing rooms? Do you even like sharing?  Are you planning to have "guests" over during the trip? If you do is your roommate okay with this? If not then would you prefer a single room? Everyone's thoughts should be considered when planning a trip.  If such things are not known in advance, the trip will be a complete mess.

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On a group trip to Samburu

3. Thou shalt always use the SPLITWISE app

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I am not about to eat a salad while others splurge on chicken and champagne then we end up splitting the bill equally. AS IN? Also, we are not about to start embarrassing our ancestors by figuring out how to break the bill.  There this app called split wise that keeps track of everyone's expenses and by the end of the day you will be able to know who owes who what and the equivalent amount. It's straightforward to use as all you need to do is add trip member’s names and track every expense. Ideally, if you take care of a bill and key the amount in the app, it will calculate how much everyone else owes you.

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4. Thou shall not snake on a group trip last minute

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Honestly, you cannot be the first person to hype a group trip then bail out last minute.  First of all,since it's cheaper to travel in a group, you will disrupt our finances by snaking. Secondly, who has time to cancel all the bookings we had made in advance? I mean, some reasons for flaking are understandable but don't be telling me you have serious "family" issues then we see you on your Instagram stories living it up with your blast from the past.  (You didn't even have the decency to mute us. huh?). So you two are back together for five minutes, and your ex is "family" now? Cool.

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5. Thou shall not impose and judge

If a member of the group does not wish to participate in some activities, we should respect their choices.  As long as no one is breaking any of the commandments, avoid side eyeing them at all costs.  People have this habit of imposing things, especially alcohol, on others. It's manipulative to say someone is not fun just because they are teetotallers. No is a complete sentence; no one owes you an explanation.

6.Thou shall not pass out

Some people do not mind partying during their travels and its no problem as long as you will be up and running the next morning for the trip's activities. We love unproblematic travelers. You drink, and you show up. The problem arises when you drink to the point of passing out. No wants to baby a drunk adult. Don't. Black. Out.

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7.Thou shall not be a nag.

Now. I know I said no is a complete sentence. However if you find yourself saying no and hating on everything then you have a problem. I call them the "NO, I"

"No. I can't eat breakfast without bacon."

"No. I can't swim on this side of the ocean since the water isn't blue enough."

"No. I am not going to ..."

These people are like that one annoying pimple that keeps showing up on your face. They are the same people that want to call the shots every time acting mother hen. We know we cute but we are not ready to be your chicks so how about taking a chill pill on the parenting? Our wallets are already nagging us for spending too much money on this trip so don't bug us. Alright?

8.Thou shall take proper photos of your friends.

I can't be taking photos of you looking like a god/goddess, and then you take pictures of me looking like Tyler Perry's twin. The same goes for posting unapproved pictures on social media. You need to make sure everyone in the picture is okay with the image before you share it online. It's 2018, and if we didn't take stunning travel pictures, then the trip did not happen.

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9.Thou shall not leave anyone

We never leave anyone behind under no circumstance.  If you are the kind of person to disappear without alerting the rest of the group you need to stop. We have watched Liam Neeson's "taken" movies enough times to know better.

10. Thou shall respect everyone at all times.


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I have broken a few of these rules a few times but now I know better. Now you see why people travel alone? Traveling alone is easier because you only think about yourself.

10 Rules to Follow When Travelling in a Group


Did I miss any commandment of traveling in a group?

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