Reasons Why Every Smart Traveller Needs Packing Cubes

If you do not know what packing cubes are then this post is for you. Most of us have a problem with over-packing, especially ladies. Before packing ask yourself if you will need some of the things you are packing for your trip.

Will you need those fancy heels while you spend half of the time sightseeing?
Will you need that stunning gown when there’s a chance you won’t attend a wedding?

Sometimes we trouble yourself with so much stuff that we will not need, to be honest.

A few months back I was struggling with a big ass backpack almost my size. I am not kidding, that bag can fit a baby inside. You see the way women attract attention to the size of their hair or their bosom, or bottom? Well, yours truly got attention from the size of her big ass backpack. Eh. That bag is so big it could fit Jowi inside. Jowi is my friend’s baby. Nicole if you are reading this I have not thought of putting jowi in the backpack. It’s just an example plus anyway that baby will not let me prosper. He will scream his lungs out. Parenting seems fun. Can’t wait! reasons why you need packing cubes
said backpack was bigger than this one

I recently traveled to Nigeria, and my host turned friend saw my carry on and asked me “Is that all you carried?” And I proudly said “YES!”. From the look on her face, she was shocked that I packed one month worth of clothing in just a carry-on. So what happened to my backpack you ask? Well, let me introduce you to one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my travel life: PACKING CUBES!
In the  photos below, I plan to show you just how I manage to travel with just a carry-on. Whoever invented packing cubes is a treasure.

reasons to use packing cubes
Will they all fit in this set of packing cubes?


The picture below is as a result of packing without packing cubes.

reasons to use packing cubes
The struggle without packing cubes

The result using packing cubes will highlight that you can pack more clothes using packing cubes.
Here is how I use packing cubes:

The first step is to get rid of clothes you will not need on that trip.

The second step is to roll your clothes like little sausages as you pack them inside the packing cubes. As you fold them into little sausage shapes, put the clothes on top of one another until the packing cube is full.

reasons to use packing cubes

reasons to use packing cubes
one packing cube is full of clothes

I always pack my dresses and my ponchos/sweaters in the biggest cube, trousers, and tops go into the middle sized cube while my underwear, swimsuit, and pajamas go into the small cube. I use the laundry pouches to park my hair and body products.

reasons to use packing cubes
laundry pouch for the products. All my bottles are 50 ml due to airport restrictions.

All done with folding and packing.

reasons to use packing cubes
Rolling the clothes and placing them on top of one another in the cube saves on space and allows room for more clothes

Now to insert the cubes in the carry on and voila!


reasons to use packing cubes

reasons to use packing cubes
all set for a 4 week trip

I made a short video clip illustrating the whole process, and you can watch it on my Instagram packing tips highlights.

  • Packing cubes save on space meaning you can pack more.
  • They also teach you not to overpack hence you only pack what you need.
  • Packing cubes help you travel light.
  • The best part is that you can purchase more sets if you are traveling for a period longer than a month.

I bought mine at tuskys supermarket along Moi avenue although you can get some from Amazon. Expect to spend at least 20 packing cubes



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