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8 types of female travellers- What kind of traveler are you

Social media is a huge part of life and I am here for every good thing that has happened to you and me as a result of social media. Recently, I met young women, mostly Kenyan that have a passion for travel and together we arranged a trip over a long holiday weekend. Now, you have to understand that this trip was somewhat short notice but we all came through and together we explored Taita Taveta amid lots of unrestrained, bubbly and raucous laughs.

This trip got me thinking, that a passion can bring people of diverse backgrounds and personalities together. It’s through social media that I have fuelled my passion to travel and create content, it’s through social media that I have learnt travel hacks and until recently, I learnt through social media that there are different types of travelers. Without mentioning names, here are the types of travelers that I came across that weekend:

The late comer

She is your typical African timer. She will be first to insist that people should show up on time but she will be late.  Everytime she shows up late people look at her like….

The straight up crazy comedian

She is the one that leaves the group in tears. Legit tears of laugher. She is both bold and nasty. She does not shy off from any topic. Shame does not exist in her world.  Everyone that hangs out with her is always like this…

The bourgeoisie chic

Class is not only in her looks but also in her mannerisms. She is stylish and elegant.  Her makeup is impeccable. While some of us are struggling to be classy while on the road, this chic has owned it.

The social media addict

Ever gone on a trip and after a few minutes you get a notification from instagram or face book that so and so tagged you in 59 pictures? Literally a few minutes! Yup. She is the one. You are innocently scrolling down your timeline and you see someone that looks like you in the exact same outfit you are wearing that day…except.. it is actually YOU! She legit uploads pictures in real time. How does she do it? Wait, when did she even take that photo of you with a damn double chin? UH OH..Did she really upload a picture of my face’s bad side???

The derailer

She is the life of the party. This chic is always ready to turn it up. She will show for the trip looking like last night’s sins but she will be ready to party again. This one will miss epic sunrises because of last night’s party with zero regrets.

The shy conservative chic

She is unusually calm and composed. You start wondering what they like or dislike. Do they ever get mad? They never display their emotions in public so you wonder what is truly going on in their mind. Do not be fooled though, most times, she is quiet but she knows stuff. A lot of stuff.

The underdog

This one comes off as shy. Actually she is shy and very soft spoken but like a kitten, she just needs a little motivation to come out of her cocoon to play.

The defaulters

These ones will be interested in the group trip from the word go but will wait till last minute to back out hence inconviniencing the rest of the group.

The  rest of the group usually look at the flakers like…

So what kind of traveler are you?

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  1. Love this list 😄😄
    I’m definitely “The Underdog” who after studying people for sometime turns into a “Derailer” and “Comedian”
    But I’ll never miss the sunrise! I mean why!!?

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