We went Live on BBC TV- Focus on Africa!

If I was in class 6 or 7 today, my next composition would have been lit. Especially if the composition would be based on  “The day I will never forget” or “The best day of my life“. My composition would be so awesome such that my fellow classmates would be asked by our English composition teacher, Mrs Mbaabu to touch their toes to be canned for not levelling up, I will be grinning because mine was the absolute “best” fake composition in that classroom. My composition would probably go like…

” I woke up one monday morning happy as a sandboy knowing something good was going to happen. I even wore my sunday best clothes. Immediately after, I got a telephone call from BBC Focus on Africa. Guess what! They wanted me to talk for a few minutes about how hard or easy it is to travel in Africa. I whispered an Orison of thanks to God. I was as happy as a king and I ran home as fast as my lanky legs would carry me to change into my sunday best clothes blah bla blah.

Anyway that composition would be fake because first of all, anyone wants to tell me what a sandboy is?  Second of all, my legs are not lanky. My legs come from Western Kenya. If you know what I mean. In real life, I was having a sh*tty morning. You know how they usually say your fashion sense reveals your mood and emotions? Well, this particular monday morning I chose to wear an ugly grey dress and an equally grey waterfall. Men, ask the women in your life  what a waterfall is please. I do not have time to get into that.

Basically, I did not put effort to try look good. So don’t you dare comment about my fashion sense on the video. Or you can. You can’t possibly make me feel worse than I already made myself feel. hehe!

And of all days, Damian, a producer from BBC decided, the day that Rioba was looking worse than a newborn, would be the day she will be live on “Focus on Africa” to talk about how hard or easy it is to travel from Kenya to other African countries. Initially when Damian said he was from BBC TV Program Focus on Africa and added I would be live, it was hard for me to buy it. Actually scratch that, I was blonde enough to assume that live meant I would be featured on a magazine section or even radio. What in the world Rioba? With everyone and their cat going live nowadays on twitter, facebook, youtube and where else people go live, did  you really assume it was going to be anything but? SIGH!

Incase  you missed it, here’s the post that’s got me to BBC.

  The Ultimate guide for a Kenyan Citizen traveling To All African Countries

Anyway, to cut the long story short, as I write this, I am wearing my very best outfit because I was hoping CNN would low key reach out. Haha! I know I’m reaching but please let me be. A girl desperately needs to redeem herself. Seriously though, I am always socially awkward when I am put in the spotlight. And BBC was all levels of being put on the spotlight! This was huge for me and up until this very moment, I do  not know how to describe what I felt for those few minutes I was in front of the camera.  I can tell you one thing for sure though, what you are going to watch is the raw version of me. Two words I’d use to describe myself at this very moment? Candid and Nervous!

Here’s a video of Funmi Oyagotun of TVP Adventures and I Live on BBC!

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