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Welcome to JustRioba! It is where I share my crazy adventures; videos travel tips and general experiences as a Kenyan passport holder travelling in Africa and hopefully beyond. The travel blog focuses on helping you to:

• Learn how to travel with an 8-5 job
• How to maximize your leave days
• Stop waiting for your friends and learn how to travel solo
• Know how to travel on a budget
• Exploit weekend trips for travel
• How to save money when travelling

Meet Winnie Rioba

My name is Rioba, the Kenyan storytelling Traveler. I am an adventure travel blogger who has been exploring Africa regularly since 2016!

I only started travelling seriously in 2016 because before that I did not know anything about travelling on a budget. Well, there was that and the fact that I was still in school before that and the only ticket I could afford was one to the movies. After a trip to the UAE with my friends I realised that if I wanted to, I could travel with proper planning and research. Later that year, I took a solo trip to five African countries. It was this solo travels that made me realise I could travel on a budget while being adventurous at the same time.

Microlight flight, Zambia

My blog is for anyone that is looking for motivation and inspiration to travel on a budget, with a fulltime job. That’s right. I do have an 8-5 job that allows me to take advantage of my leave days to travel. I am also a travel writer that makes decent money from writing to fund her travels.

It’s also a blog that highlights that you do not have to be rich, have a “sponsor” pay for your trips or be from a wealthy family to travel. I have paid for every single trip I have taken since I started traveling and I hope to inspire you to learn to travel on a budget.

I also organize all girls trips from time to time. Peep this link if you are interested in joining me on one or five of the trips I’ll be hosting soon.

Mama Nike art gallery, Nigeria

JustRioba’s mission is to help you know how to travel in Africa and beyond, to understand that travel is more than pretty pictures. My adventures will inspire you to see experiences that will make you get out of your comfort zone.

Ziplining, Kenya

Random Fun facts about me:

  • During work weeks, you will find me working as an analyst in Finance.
  • I was born and raised in Nairobi. I am the first born of three.
  • I took my first trip outside of Kenya at the age of 12 to Uganda with my mom and siblings.
  • I majored in Economics and History. I am also a Certified Public Accountant.
  • I’ve been to 22 African countries, 13 of them solo and my travel goal is to travel to all African countries before I hit 30.
  • I’m terrible with directions which is funny because I travel alone sometimes
  • My superpower is eating without gaining weight. I am 50 Kgs, yet I eat like an elephant. I think all the food I eat goes to my hair and my pregnant cheeks.
  • I’m 5’7, and I curse from time to time. I wear braces.
  • I am scared shitless of height, water, and speed which is ironical because I have skydived before, taken a microlight flight over Victoria Falls, swam at the edge of Victoria Falls, gone water rafting at Sagana and been on one of the fastest roller coasters in the world in Abu Dhabi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you afford to travel?

Download the cheat sheet that highlights how I afford to travel on a budget.

2. What camera do you use?
A Nikon D5300.

Blog Post: How to take stunning travel pictures

3. How do you plan for a solo trip?

Blog post: 8 Things to do when planning a solo trip for the first time.

You can also consult me should you need help planning your first solo trip. Find more details here

4. How do u you stay safe when travelling alone?

Blog post: How to be safe when traveling solo

Want to get in learn more about travelling with a full-time job on a budget? My blog has answers to your questions. Find more details here for travel consultations and customized itineraries within Africa.

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In case it was not obvious, all the views expressed on this site are mine and do not reflect on the opinions of my employer or any brand.

Kabale, Uganda

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To my readers, especially those who comment regularly, this travel blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you. Thank you so much for reading!
– Rih


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  1. My wife and I are serious, advanced non professional photographers. We would love to photograph in Lamu with you as our guide and fixer. It would be nice to make contact and communicate before signing up for a specific trip. We are based in Arizona, USA. We recently photographed in Benin for a whole month.

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