The Ultimate Guide For A Kenyan Citizen Traveling Across African Countries

I’ve always been an advocate of African travel because our continent with its diversity has so much to offer. It’s why I was motivated by my Nigerian Sister Funmi Oyatogun of TVP Adventures to create this guide for Kenyans that wish to explore the motherland. She created the exact same guide for her Nigerian family and I thought my Kenyan family could use the same.

Thank you Funmi! Keep Inspiring. One love!

As of  June 2018, Kenyans do not need a visa before travelling to 33 African countries with 17 of them being completely visa free and 16 being visa on arrival. As for the rest of the countries. we do require a visa or an e-visa.


In Summary Kenyans do not require a visa to get in to 17 countries. The countries are:

  1. Uganda

  2. Tanzania

  3. Zambia

  4. Zimbabwe

  5. Burundi

  6. Rwanda

  7. Botswana

  8. Namibia

  9. Benin

  10. Senegal

  11. Gambia with clearance from the immigration officer

  12. Ghana

  13. Ethiopia

  14. Swaziland

  15. Lesotho

  16. Mauritius

  17. Malawi

Kenyans can travel to the following  16 countries and get Visas upon arrival:

  1. South Sudan
  2. Cape Verde

  3. Mauritania (Must land at Nouakchott Oumtounsy  Airport)

  4. Liberia

  5. Togo

  6. Sierra Leone

  7. Somalia

  8. Nigeria

  9. Democratic Republic of Congo

  10. Djibouti

  11. Burkina Faso

  12. Mali

  13. Seychelles

  14. Comoros

  15. Madagascar

  16. Mozambique

For the these three countries, we can apply for an E-visa

  1. Gabon

  2. Sao tome & Principe

  3. Guinea Bissau

Finally, before traveling to the following 17 countries, you need to need to submit visa application before you travel.

  1. Egypt

  2. North Sudan

  3. Algeria

  4. Eritrea

  5. Angola

  6. Equatorial Guinea

  7. Guinea

  8. Tunisia

  9. South Africa

  10. Morocco

  11. Ivory Coast

  12. Cameroon

  13. Congo Brazzaville

  14. Niger

  15. Chad

  16. Central African Republic

  17. Libya


Things you should know

  • Click/Tap on each country/icon on the map for more details for more details on each.

  • This guide is only for those that plan to travel African countries from Kenya. The guide is strictly for those traveling for tourism purposes.

  • Indirect flights are mostly cheaper compared to Direct flights, although the flight lasts longer with the former

  • As Kenyans we speak mostly English and Swahili. For none English speaking countries, we might need to have an English-speaking guide or use apps like Google translate and Duolingo to get by.

  • If you ever need to travel to any of these countries and you need an itinerary created on a budget, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I got you!

  • This info is as of June 2018, I will be updating this guide based on the feedback I have been getting from fellow Kenyans. 


 = Easy

 = Slightly hard

 = Difficult

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  1. Someone almost had me pay for a Sychelles visa (he actually made me believe that we needed a visa to the country) and get this, I tried looking for this information online, I just couln’t find anything. I was also looking for passenger ferrys that cruise from mombasa to mahe island but again, no information is available. Now I know I can simply pack and go. I need no damn visa.
    Thank you.

    1. Lol. What!? Sorry about that. For Seychelles, Kenyans get a permit on arrival. That is valid for 30 days. Why its marked easy on the map

  2. The degree of difficulty for visiting some countries should be adjusted. e.g. Ghana and Ethiopia, EAC, and other countries with no visa requirement can’t be ranked the same as South Africa

  3. Somaliland which is a breakaway country from larger somalia requires Kenyan to apply for visas before they no longer give visa on arrival and you can’t use somalia visa to visit Somaliland.

    1. Hey Kaka. I didn’t include disputed territories in this project. If you noticed, even western Sahara is not on the list. Thanks for your input though

  4. I have the following observation. After chatting with you on twitter I jumped in hear to sample the juicy part of the Map.
    1. Your observation of both Sudan’s are wrong. The South ViSA is required on arrival at airport or border post. In the North you have to apply, No VISA on arrival both at Airport or Border. I have done all entries so talking from experience.
    2.To properly capture the meaning of ‘Visit’ your definition for VISA needs to be broader so as to properly capture all or most of the Ease.
    (a) Single Entry or Multiple Entry VISA?
    (b) Direct Visit or Transit Visit. E.g If you are heading to Egypt and Transiting Sudan and you need to cross Visa free Ethiopia? Instantly Sudan Changes from Green to Orange. Same with Nigeria. NEVER try to use “Application on Arrival” unless going by Air. The Guys at the borders don’t understand this shit and they are powerful than their president
    3. When talking info technology when traveling like google apps whether its translators or Maps. You need to caution that some countries network providers don’t allow such apps unless you have a VPN App. It can cost you valuable time and resources? Also Ease of acquiring a SIM. Ethiopia is VISA free but have One network provider. Getting a SIM is like getting a ID in Kenya.
    4. Finally, much as Africa’s history is unwritten most of the travel rules and etiquette remains unwritten. You will benefit most interacting with our bro’s& Sis in the West and North who have lived in caravan routes of old. East Africans other than Somalis we don’t travel coz most of our old trade routes were by Sea. I specifically added Sis here coz I met a lady on crutches at the border of Tchad and she had traveled all the way from Mali only for border guys to bring technicalities and turn her back to go get the papers. Really sad.
    Have you ever been conned or lost money by theft or otherwise when in your travails? How do you factor that in your budgets? Hiyo ni Siri Ya wasafiri.

    1. Hey. Nice insights Abdi. You’ve spoken about three countries. Four at most?
      Now imagine all 50+ countries?
      I can’t get into all the dynamics because all 50+ countries have their own challenges and I can’t discuss them in this forum one by one. It will take ages. Haha.

      Also. South Sudan and North Sudan have been updated. Thank you very much 😊

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