This week on African fun facts:

  1. About 24km separates Morocco and Spain at the Strait of Gibraltar. Hoping to cross it someday? Well, read about crossing the Strait of Gibraltar here.
  2. Graca Machel is the only woman in Africa to be the first lady in two countries. She was Mozambique’s first lady when she was married to President Samora Machel then, later on, she became South Africa’s first lady when she got married to President Nelson Mandela.
  3. All African countries got colonized during the shameless “scramble for Africa” except two countries. Liberia and Ethiopia remained uncolonized until the white man decided to pack his bags and leave.
  4. Africa is home to thousands of languages. The most popular languages include Swahili and Arabic.
  5. Ethiopia is the only African country with its indigenous alphabet. The Amharic language, the Ethiopian national language has its particular alphabet and digit system. Eritrea which was once part of Ethiopia is said to use the same Alphabet.
  6. Africa’s deadliest animal is the Hippo which is said to have killed more humans than the Lion. Following the hippo closely is the mosquito.
  7. Most people assume that Victoria Falls is the highest waterfall in Africa given that it’s a natural world wonder. However, Tugela Falls in South Africa takes the lead as the highest or tallest waterfall in Africa at 948 meters!
  8. Cairo, Egypt’s capital, happens to be Africa’s largest city

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