How To Have Fun Chasing Victoria Falls

Are you an adrenaline junkie that wants to experience the best of Victoria Falls? Victoria falls is one of the natural wonders of the world. It’s known as the Mosi Oa Tunya that loosely translates to ‘the smoke that thunders’ which loosely translates to the smoke that thunders.  First things first, if you want to see Victoria falls at its best you better pack your bags and head to Livingstone (Zambia) or Victoria falls town (Zimbabwe) during the ‘high season’.

See the guide to exploring Victoria Falls

Livingstone is a Zambia’s main tourist attraction and for that, it’s bloody expensive.  It’s also good to note most of these activities in this post are offered from the Zambian side of the falls although you can book them from the Zimbabwean side.

So how do you chase Victoria falls in Livingstone?

Swimming at the edge of Victoria falls

Heard of the devil’s pool? Yeah. Daredevils like engaging in intense activities like swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls and the only thing that protects them from falling over is a protruding rock. By the way, the height of the falls is 108 metres.

Cost : the cheapest tour is 90 USD

See My experience at the devil’s pool

devils pool zambia
devils pool zambia

Read about my experience swimming at the devil’s pool here

Flying Over Victoria falls

You can choose to fly with a microlight flight or a helicopter.  I choose to fly over the falls via a microlight. The views from the top gave me a clear perspective of how the falls separate Zambia and Zimbabwe. I also saw how the Zambezi River flows into the falls. Ah. Folks, Africa is beautiful and I’m here for it.  On our way back I saw hippos and elephants. The views would have been better during the high season.  It was not scary at all, well to be fair I’m comparing it to  that time I went skydiving.  You can book this activity online via Batoka Sky.

Cost 200 USD for 15 minutes.

Ready to Microlight
Getting geared up
Microlight zambia
ok..let’s do this
Microlight zambia
take off
Microlight zambia
up in the air life
Microlight zambia
On our way down we saw some elephants,

White Water Rafting

Technically you are not seeing the falls but you’re inside the river that flows into the falls. I did white water rafting at the Sagana River and I promised never to do it again.  Especially when I know that compared to the white water rafting at the Zambezi, Sagana is child play I couldn’t dare. I’m not a fun of drowning sensations #nothankyou

However, if this is your thing, then go for it. Everyone that has done it has nothing but good things to say.


River Zambezi, Zambia
Source: A Kenyan Nomad

Bungee Jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge

You get to see the falls when you jump head first into the falls. You can also choose to jump feet first or even zipline, either way, the first two activities are terrifying especially when you are jumping feet first. Ziplining is a walk in the park honestly.  The first two are rather intense but any adrenaline junkie would do it in a heartbeat. You are basically jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge that is between the Zambian and Zimbabwean border.

Cost:210 USD for the three activities

The victoria falls bridge
The victoria falls bridge where people jump from

Take a walk inside the Victoria falls park

If you can, take a walk inside the park from both sides of the falls. I got better views from the Zimbabwean side though since it was during the dry/low season.

Also, make sure you hike to the boiling point. Walking to the boiling point is easy, its the climb back up that left me dripping with sweat like the unfit person that I am.


victoria falls
victoria falls
boiling point, vic falls, zambia
boiling point, vic falls, zambia

Cost: 20 USD to access the park from the Zambian side and 30 USD from the Zimbabwean side

Cruise on the Zambezi river

Want to see an epic sunset? Well, a sunset cruise is here especially for anyone that does not like adrenaline activities.

I went with the lady Livingstone and although we didn’t see the falls, we could see the smoke that thunders from the falls. We also had unlimited food and drinks during the cruise and we got to see hippos, crocodiles and an unforgettable sunset.

Cost 60 usd

lady livingstone
lady livingstone

Like I said earlier, Livingstone is super expensive and as a budget traveller it’s not possible to engage in all these activities. I’d recommend picking one or two that you like but don’t leave Livingstone without chasing Victoria falls.

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