Vibrant things to do in Livingstone Zambia

In the last two posts, I pretty much covered some of the things you can engage in Livingstone.

Six ways of Chasing Victoria falls

An expected visit to Devil’s pool. 

However, if you feel all those activities won’t leave you broke, there are more vibrant things to do in Livingstone.

Livingstone Museum

Museums are a fun way of learning about the culture and traditions of a community and The Livingstone Museum was no exception. Livingstone Museum is the biggest and oldest museum in Zambia dating to the 1930s.

Outside Livingstone Museum
Outside Livingstone Museum
David Livingstone's statue
David Livingstone’s statue outside the museum

Sundowners at the Royal Livingstone hotel

I only visited the hotel on my way to Livingstone Island.

It looked like a pretty chill place for the traveler prefers a laid back relaxed holiday.

Royal Livingstone Hotel

Visit Elephant cafe

This cafe allows you to be up and close to elephants.  A dream, right? Other than that, you get to learn about how they were rescued and how well they are taken care of. Travelers even get a chance to feed the elephant.  After the experience you get to enjoy lunch and drinks .

Visit the Water Front

I decided to visit with a couple of travelers I had met. The service was great and the views lived to the waterfront name by being absolutely stunning. Man! Why is Africa so magical?

Explore nearby villages

I took myself to Mukuni village because the guided tour was to pricey for me . I found some travelers heading the same way and for USD5 per person, we were on our way to Mukuni village.  You will not believe that this village is in Livingstone seeing the contrast between the touristy region to the village side.

A day trip to Chobe national park

You can take a day trip from Livingstone to Chobe National park  in Botswana. I never go on game drives in other countries and before you start with the experience is different in each country , just know I am not paying up to five times the amount I usually pay when I go on safari back home in Kenya. Are they not the same big 5? #Nothankyou. Also, I am on a budget, I cannot afford safaris in other countries. hehe. Anyway, as I was saying, Chobe is apparently a big park with full of wild animals that you can see up close in case you are not a budget traveler like me, please go.

A visit to the Mukuni big 5

I did not get to visit Mukuni big 5 mainly because I read mixed reviews about this place. Also, I was broke but lets go with the mixed reviews. Okay? A lot happens at mukuni big 5 including riding elephants, walking with lions and cheetahs . Some people describe it as an amazing experience while others say the animals are mistreated. I still wonder which is which? I wonder if any of you has done this before? Or would you do it if you had the chance?

Where to stay

I stayed at Jolly boy backpackers, probably one of my favorite hostels in Africa. Although other hostels include, fawlty towers and Livingstone backpackers.

Well folks, that is it for Zambia. I loved exploring bits of Zambia from Siavonga to Lusaka to Livingstone.

One day soon I will be back in Zambia, and this time around, I will not be alone.

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