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I am an adventure travel blogger who has been exploring Africa regularly since 2016! This is where I share my crazy adventures; videos travel tips and general experiences as a Kenyan passport holder travelling in Africa and hopefully beyond. The travel blog focuses on helping you to:

• Learn how to travel with an 8-5 job
• How to maximize on your leave days
• Stop waiting for your friends and learn how to travel solo
• Know how to travel on a budget
• Exploit weekend trips for travel
• How to save money when travelling

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My name is Winnie Rioba,

 A Kenyan storytelling Traveler
Let’s talk via email on winnie@justrioba.com

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After 11 years of faithful service, I let go of my 2001 Subaru Forester this January.

Here are some of the adventures Silvester and I have been on around Africa.

Part 1.

Imagine thinking that KOT are the ones perpetuating oppression when that raggedy bitch has institutions which hold immense power defending her. Lol. Y'all mad mad.

Undercover journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale has been shot and killed in #Ghana following an exposé about corruption in the country's football leagues. The murder comes after lawmaker Kennedy Agyapong appeared on TV and offered supporters money to "break his ears" and "beat him". https://t.co/Fu5ouwB7O2

URGENT ADVICE TO ALL TERRORIST ATTACK VICTIMS IN NAIROBI: I am available to give free trauma consultations to those affected by the Nairobi terrorist attack this week. I can be contacted on Whatsapp at +254 798675142. Healing hugs and much love to all.

traveling in Africa on a budget ➡️ https://t.co/yB9XDOtw3w

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