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I am an adventure travel blogger who has been exploring Africa regularly since 2016! This is where I share my crazy adventures; videos travel tips and general experiences as a Kenyan passport holder travelling in Africa and hopefully beyond. The travel blog focuses on helping you to:

• Learn how to travel with an 8-5 job
• How to maximize on your leave days
• Stop waiting for your friends and learn how to travel solo
• Know how to travel on a budget
• Exploit weekend trips for travel
• How to save money when travelling

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My name is Winnie Rioba,

 A Kenyan storytelling Traveler
Let’s talk via email on winnie@justrioba.com

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I have fulfilled my promise to you. This is how to apply for Permanent Residency to Canada, by yourself! Who, how much, what docs are required and how long does it take? The process has many many steps but it is straightforward.

I wish you the best!


My niece has a baby.

Makes me a grandmother.

Incase anyone is wondering at what level of '' when will you get a husband? '' I'm at now 😂

I swear Kenya is absolutely shambolic. So you save your salary that is taxed 30% then that money you save is taxed 20% and there is absolutely nothing to show for that money you are exorbitantly taxed. I swear 2022 everyone will drown.. https://t.co/Ilqh7XbT1t

Change your definition of travel. It doesn't have be all about catching flights and getting stamped ➡️ https://t.co/cb2lve032t

So far, this is the most popular post on my feed! You guys really loved it. Only God knows why. Lol Over 40,000 unique reads on my website since Saturday and the comments won't stop coming in. I am glad to have been of help!

Let me know what other travel secrets you want. https://t.co/OiwBCxyT2Z

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