10 African Destinations for the Solo Traveler

I haven’t been everywhere in Africa, but that’s my goal. Africans are currently warming up to the idea of seeing more of the continent, and I’m positive 2019 will see more Africans exploring African destinations.

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So far I have been to 17 African countries, and these are my all favorite time places to visit as a solo traveler.

1. Cape Maclear, Malawi

Now if you know me, you are aware I’m in love with Malawi. From the word Cape, you can tell that this region in southern Malawi is mountainous. The mountains or hills surround the ever blue and spectacular Lake Malawi. Seriously  How is Lake Malawi not an ocean? Cape Maclear is for anyone seeking beach therapy, scuba diving, snorkeling and parties that will leave you with a hangover. Extroverts will love Cape Maclear. Its vibrant with tonnes of nearby islands to explore.


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2. Lamu, Kenya

Donkey poop smell aside, the Lamu Archipelago is stunningly beautiful. You know what you’ll love more than the beauty of the beaches? The kind-hearted people that are always ready to help you without seeking any financial tip in return. Take day boat cruises to Manda Island complete with delicious fish for lunch that you caught yourself. Have sundowners at the dunes, get henna, and party at the floating restaurant

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African Destinations for the Solo Traveler
Lamu, Kenya


3. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Zanzibar and Lamu have similar vibes only that Zanzibar is bigger and touristy. While you’re most likely going to see couples and honeymooners in Zanzibar, you will have some good fun in Zanzibar as a solo traveler. For some reason, the Indian Ocean looks way bluer in Tanzania compared to Kenya.

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Eat street food at the seafront, visit the slave market for some history lessons, experience the safari blue tour and crush parties in Paje.

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Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

4. Jinja, Uganda

Every time you visit Uganda you will  find something new. However, I keep going back to Jinja for the adrenaline activities. Want to face your fear for heights say no more and go bungee jumping in Jinja. Want to face your fears of water? Whitewater rafting awaits. It would be a great idea to align your solo visit to Jinja with the Nyege Nyege festival

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Jinja, Uganda

5. Naivasha, Kenya

Any destination with a large water body works for me, and this African destination is home to Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloiden. Its literally an hour’s drive from Nairobi and its chaos. You could take a walking safari at Crescent Island, camp at some of the national parks or by the lakes and swim at the only Geothermal spa in Africa.

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Crescent Island, Naivasha

6. Kigali, Rwanda

Compared to other African destinations, Kigali is more expensive. It’s the cleanest and well-organized city I have ever been to in Africa. It’s the capital of Rwanda also known as the land of 1000 hills. The hills are probably more than 1000.
Enjoy the view of the city by taking am evening motari ride around Kigali, eat akabenz, learn how to dance the intore dance. You will most likely suck at dancing the intore.

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African Destinations for the Solo Traveler
Kigali, Rwanda

7. Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone is beautiful especially if you visit during the summer when the jacaranda trees flourish in red and purple. Livingstone is an ideal African destination for a solo traveler that loves adrenaline activities. However, the activities don’t come cheap. Prepare to spend at least 150 USD per activity. You can go skydiving, bungee jumping,  white water rafting and so on. Other than the activities, the crowd in Livingstone is full of happy travelers out to have a good time. You’ll meet amazing people.

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River Zambezi, Zambia
Livingstone, Zambia

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8. Homa Bay County, Kenya

Found in the Western side of Kenya, this African destination is underrated. I didn’t know how blue Lake Victoria was until I traveled beyond Kisumu. The lake in Homa Bay might as well be a different lake altogether. Spend your days having well-done Nile perch or tilapia while relaxing by the white sandy beach in Takawiri Island. Also, you are not ready for the breathtaking sunsets over Lake Victoria.

Takawiri Island

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Capetown is one of the most visited African destinations. Cape Town looks like it popped right out of a fairy tale. Cape Town is unbelievably stunning. Hike up the table mountain, see penguins at boulders beach and attend events that tend to happen every weekend. Solo travelers won’t be bored in Cape Town for sure

Capetown South Africa


10. Ghana

I haven’t been to Ghana. Hopefully, I will soon. However, I have read travel experiences of African travelers that praise this country in West Africa as an ideal African destination for the Solo Traveler. It seems I’ll have to wait till next year to find out.

Have you been to any of these African destinations solo ? If not, which destination are you planning to start with?I hope that my 2018 blog posts have inspired you to travel more in Kenya and Africa in 2019.

Happy holidays! Great things await in 2019!!

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